I'm new to Twilio and expected there to be a Xamarin SDK for iOS and Android but apparently there isn't. I have been working with https://github.com/dkornev/TwilioXamarinBindings for native libraries but cannot seem to find any help with getting an incoming (to the iOS/Android app) call. I'm not sure if there's a tutorial somewhere explaining exactly how to route the call to a specific device but I can't see it....

So, can somebody explain the procedure, do I need Apple APN and if so how is it acheived in Xamarin Forms?

I haven't found anything for incoming calls to Xamarin apps via VOIP but all outgoing is fine.


Twilio evangelist here.

I'm not familiar with those bindings but looking at the sample application that is included in the repo it looks like in iOS there is a method called AcceptWithDelegate that you call to accept an incoming Twilio Voice call.


The binding source appears to map this to the iOS SDK's acceptWithDelegate function:


Hope that helps.

  • Thanks Devin, I'll take a look through the documentation as I'm unsure as to the process of initiating the call via APN. – user1919214 Apr 16 at 9:34

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