I'm trying to conceptualize a navbar for a musician's website which consists of piano keys (I would design keys in Aftereffects), and each link corresponds to a key which gets depressed upon hover. I understand how to replace the content of one image with another in css, but this seems like it would be more complicated since the keys should appear cohesive--as though they form part of a piano. I know this is hard to explain and I hope I'm being clear. Is there a way to achieve this effect?

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    Maybe consider building it out entirely with CSS styling, and/or look into using canvas. There’s a lot you could do with either to achieve your goal. – CoderLee Apr 15 at 23:14
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    Thank you CoderLee, I haven't heard of Canvas but I will check it out. – John Deacon Apr 15 at 23:24
  • you’re welcome! I hope it helps lead you to your solution – CoderLee Apr 15 at 23:30

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