I have a cosmosDB that had 4 containers and 400RUs provisioned at the database level. I added 2 containers and without warning the provisioned RUs was increased to 600.

The document below explains why this happened. Each container above the 4th requires a minimum extra 100RUs. I have tight budget restrictions so I deleted 2 containers but I could not find a way to reduce the minimum provisioned throughput as the dropdown for provisioning throughput only allows increases. Is there a way to reduce throughput?



As mentioned in the document,you could reduce throughput settings by using cosmos db sdk. For example, i test java sdk to reduce my container throughput setting. Please refer to below code:

import com.microsoft.azure.documentdb.*;

import java.util.Iterator;

public class ChangeRUTest {

    static private String YOUR_COSMOS_DB_ENDPOINT ="https://***.documents.azure.com:443/";
    static private String YOUR_COSMOS_DB_MASTER_KEY="***";

    public static void main(String[] args) throws DocumentClientException {

        DocumentClient client = new DocumentClient(
                new ConnectionPolicy(),

        String collectionLink ="dbs/test/colls/one";

        String collectionResourceId = client.readCollection(collectionLink, null).getResource().getResourceId();

        // find offer associated with this collection
        Iterator<Offer> it = client.queryOffers(
                String.format("SELECT * FROM r where r.offerResourceId ='%s'", collectionResourceId), null).getQueryIterator();

        Offer offer = it.next();


        // update the offer
        int newThroughput = 400;
        offer.getContent().put("offerThroughput", newThroughput);

  • Do you know a method for Cosmos DB with MongoDB Api? – Hamish Anderson Apr 18 at 2:35
  • @HamishAnderson Tried to find for you. – Jay Gong Apr 18 at 2:50

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