I'm trying to follow documentation here, here and here for Floydhub to use the output of a job as the input data for another job. The 1st and 2nd job are related to 2 different projects.

It's unable to locate my file.

No such file or directory: '/output/lemmatized_json.json'

Project 1:

This project outputs data at the end of the script.

import os
if not os.path.exists('output'):

with open('output/lemmatized_json.json', 'w') as out_file:
    json.dump(data, out_file)    

Then its available inside /files for that project,

enter image description here

in the /output directory.

enter image description here

Project 2:

Now I run the second project where I want to access that previously saved data.

I run the project with.

floyd run --cpu2 --env default \
--data me/projects/lemmatize-json-positions/6/:model \
--message 'train embedding' 'python train_embedding.py'

And try to access the data inside it with the following code.

file = open('/output/lemmatized_json.json') 

But I get the above errer No such file or directory: 'No such file or directory: '/output/lemmatized_json.json'.

And I'm not sure what I'm missing.


I just needed,

file = open('/model/output/lemmatized_json.json') 

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