I am a grateful user of stack overflow – thanks to the community.

This is my first time posting.

I am creating individual-level life tables in excel and only need the command to run until a max possible age of 100.

I am using the excel command below. This, ($G7+I$6) represents age + time period. Stating the obvious, this is not the output value but rather a component of the formula.


Once again, I need the formula to run until ($G7+I$6) reaches 100.

How do I do this?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  • What do you wish to do after the value reaches 100? Not apply the formula to the next row? – Akshat Singhal Mar 12 at 1:08
  • When you say “the command”, what exactly do you mean? – Brad Dixon Mar 12 at 3:15
  • Hi Brad, my apologies. When I say 'command', I mean formula. – Jay Stiles Mar 12 at 6:31
  • Hi Akshat, yes that's correct - stop the formula. I have columns so the formula should stop at the column where ($G7+I$6) reaches 100. But this is different for each individual. – Jay Stiles Mar 12 at 6:33

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