(I got the source code from Google search. I was typing some code myself to learn. I triple checked and my typing is the same as the source. I even copied and pasted it, but still got the same error.)

<% UserBean currentUser = (UserBean (session.getAttribute("currentSessionUser"));%>

In the JSP file, I'm getting a syntax error here. I attached a screenshot of its details. I made Userbean.java and setAttribute "currentSessionUser" earlier.

enter image description here

Here is the full code of that JSP page. (html tags doesn't appear in the code, so I added a screenshot. (Minor question) Is there a way to show html tags here? < > doesn't seem to work here.)

enter image description here

Can anyone guess why I'm getting a syntax error?

I've tried
<% UserBean currentUser = (UserBean (session.getAttribute("currentSessionUser")));%> //three closing brackets

<% UserBean currentUser = UserBean (session.getAttribute("currentSessionUser"));%> //removing the bracket in front of UserBean

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    <% UserBean currentUser = (UserBean (session.getAttribute("currentSessionUser")));%> //three closing brackets. This looks good. Have you tried clean building the application? – RiyaGeorge Mar 12 at 1:14
  • @RiyaGeorge I think the writer of this code forgot to close ) in UserBean casting. thank you for your comment~ – Jin Lee Mar 12 at 1:23
 <% UserBean currentUser = (UserBean (session.getAttribute("currentSessionUser"));%> 

Simply count the number of left and right brackets. But what you look like you want to do is cast


UserBean currentUser = (UserBean) (session.getAttribute("currentSessionUser"));

BTW, maybe better to use EL in your JSP, not java

  • ah~~~ casting! I didn't think of that . thank you very much~ Yup I'll use EL. – Jin Lee Mar 12 at 1:21

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