I am new to c# testing and wondering if this test is working properly based on my test file. If any adjustments needs to be made, feel free to adjust my test file to answer. Thanks

Here is the test file

  public void GetAPI_FIRM_LINKTest1()
      API_FIRM_LINKController controller = new API_FIRM_LINKController();
      var result = controller.GetAPI_FIRM_LINK();

Here is part of the file that I am trying to test it

   // GET: odata

 public SingleResult<API_FIRM_LINK> GetAPI_FIRM_LINK([FromODataUri] Guid key)
 return SingleResult.Create(db.API_FIRM_LINK.Where(aPI_FIRM_LINK => aPI_FIRM_LINK.ApiFirmLinkId == key));
  • Does the test pass? – devNull Mar 12 at 1:18
  • It is passing at the moment – user 9191 Mar 12 at 1:19
  • @devNull not calling ODATA I think – user 9191 Mar 12 at 14:08

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