select concat(cast(201201 as string), '01');

Returns 20120101


select to_date(concat(cast(201201 as string), '01'));

Returns null.

How can I tell hive to treat the result of concat(cast(201201 as string), '01'); as a date, e.g. select date_add(to_date(concat(cast(201201 as string), '01')), -365);


I think you can do this with chained conversions . . . string to unix timestamp to timestamp to date:

select to_date(from_unixtime(unix_timestamp(concat(cast(201201 as string), '01'), 'YYYYMMDD')));

The ‘CAST’ operator allows converting between compatible types. But the value needs to be acceptable as input to create a value of the target type.

So, I expect that a string is acceptable for cast to a DATE value, only if that string represents a date the same way it'd be for creating a literal DATE instance. Try standard ISO 8601 representation:

    CAST(concat('2012-01', '-01') AS DATE) AS dolor_date

If the string value is in a different format, you may need to use other string manipulation functions to get the correct format:

            substring(lorem_string, 1, 4),
            substring(lorem_string, 5, 2),
            substring(lorem_string, 7, 2) )
        AS DATE) AS dolor_date
  • Thanks for the answer. Actually, Within my larger query I'll be selecting a field of the format YYYYMM e.g. 201201 so not sure how to add in the dash '-' or even make the first component of concat a string? – Doug Fir Mar 12 at 1:27
  • SQL usually allows cast without the dashes - 20120101 should cast to date OK. Hive may be different, but it is worth trying. – DancingFool Mar 12 at 1:29
  • Tried select cast(concat(201201, '01') as date); but got Null. Thanks all the same – Doug Fir Mar 12 at 1:32

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