I have a very frustrating issue. I'm making an application with ASP.NET, and have a database with tables already set up and working. I have a SeedData.cs file to seed my database. When I run dotnet ef run the application builds properly and the seeder file runs with no issues...

But my database tables are still empty. They aren't showing any of the seeded data.. There are no errors being given, what could I possibly be doing wrong? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Need to post your code, pretty hard to tell without seeing what you've done. First guess would be that you didn't call the SaveChanges() method on your database context. – kilkfoe Mar 12 at 2:00

Are you creating a database first and then seeding it with data? Or the database has been created and you are just seeding data?

If you are doing code first migration you will need to run these commands in package manager console.

Add-Migration Initial Update-Database

If just data, you might not be commiting your transaction (i.e call SaveChanges() method.

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